Medea Maris FW 16/17

It’s easy to say we’re in love. Launching her career in fashion in 2013, young Russian designer Medea Maris is on our radar as one to watch. Her newest collection, for the FW 16/17 season, addresses the subjects of space and a fantasy world – unknown galaxies, planets and stars. The idea of travelling to outer space and Star Wars’ princess Lea became the main source of inspiration for Maris when designing pieces that combine a hint of sport, futurism and romanticism. Photography by Turkina Faso, styled by Dimitri Shabalin and Konstantin Koshkin with makeup by Ekaterina Stolbova.MEDEA_maris2 MEDEA_maris19 MEDEA_maris21 MEDEA_maris25 MEDEA_maris30 MEDEA_maris35 MEDEA_maris34MEDEA_maris44 MEDEA_maris46