Why haven’t you replied to my submission?

We gratefully receive an overwhelming amount of submissions on a daily basis, whether it be for our printed magazine, or our website. Because of this, it’s very difficult to get back to everyone! If you don’t hear back from us within 2 weeks of your submission, don’t give up! Remember that a future project of yours may be just what we are looking for at that time.

Do you have any specific themes for your issues?

Being biannual, we always have a Spring/Summer & Fall/Winter issue, and we just want the styling and overall look/mood of your editorial to fit with the according season. The theme of our current issue is ‘Pretty is as Pretty Does’. We always use old fashion phrases for our themes, you know the ones your grandparents say and you look at them like ‘Huh?’ We explain them to you with an array of visual and written tales.

Can I join the Zeum Team?

Not at the moment, sorry! We’re flattered you asked!

Can I subscribe to Zeum?

Yes! Subscriptions of Zeum (two issues per year) can be bought through Newsstand.

Where can I buy Zeum?

Zeum Zines are stocked at C7C Zine These in Nagoya, Japan. Our current full length issue (9) is stocked on shelves in London, England, Toronto, Canada and Japan. A full list of stockists can be found here. Issue 9 can also be bought online for rest of world customers here.

All back issues can be found in our online store.

When will you release your next issue theme?

Zeum 10’s theme will be announced in early 2015.