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Zeum issue 11, new issue, new rules! Your submission must be unseen / unpublished. Send your editorial submission, titled ZEUM ISSUE 11 SUBMISSION to with the following information:

  • Editorial Title
  • Team Credits
  • Wardrobe Credits
  • Images sent as *low Resolution file attachments* to the email. We will not open dropbox or wetransfer links.

If we feel your editorial does not suit the upcoming issue, or does not follow the submission guidelines, we will not hold on to the images and will soon after let you know so you have the opportunity to release your images or submit elsewhere. No more waiting games!

If we feel your editorial suits the upcoming issue, congratulations, we’ll let you know you’ve made the first cut. We will then ask you to hold on to your images until our submission deadline has passed (in this time pretty please do not submit them elsewhere or show them off to your band of loyal instagram followers) – you’re in the running! By early September we’ll contact you again and we’ll request high resolution images from those who made print. If you do not make this final cut we’d love to have your images online as a Zeum Exclusive. Win, win, right? 🙂

Each submission is reviewed by our team however unfortunately due to the volume of submissions we cannot respond to everyone.Please note that since our magazine is still young, we can not cover costs for your submission, or provide you with a free print copy of our magazine. We do however provide chosen contributors with a free digital download of the issue they contributed to.

We look forward to hearing from you! Happy creating for Zeum Online & Zeum 11. 

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