Primrose Girl by Valeria Martins

katy 272As the first of many (we’re sure) projects brought to us from photographer Valeria Martins, her series “Primrose Girl” is luminous and polished. It’s flow and texture and bright little punches of colour come together as a truly magnetic vision. With styling by Lisa Cerati, Makeup and Hair courtesy of Marcelo Pedroso and modelled by Katy @ Elite Models London, the fresh and vintage inspired aesthetic (as seen here) is so dynamic… and we can’t wait to see more work of this high a caliber from everyone involved.katy 472Blouse | Topshop, Jumper | Lulu Martins
katy 372Vintage top, Skirt | Lulu Martins, Shoes | Met&Turékaty 772Turtleneck | Topshop, Skirt | Lulu Martins