Sophie Cull-Candy SS16

151212_SOPHIE-CULL-CANDY_S3_0493_With this playful & handcrafted (and a precisely engineered spur-of-the-moment aesthetic) new SS16 collection, London-based womenswear designer Sophie Cull-Candy has out-done herself yet again. A focus on feminine accents, androgynous silhouettes and texture, as contrasting with a muted colour palette, gives an undeniable sense of power and presence to each piece. Celebrating strong women from the past and influenced by Edwardian trends and regal fabrics, the SS16 collection blends together the opulent and elite with the modern and fresh.
151212_SOPHIE-CULL-CANDY_S2_0261_ 151212_SOPHIE-CULL-CANDY_S3_0423 151212_SOPHIE-CULL-CANDY_S6_0670 151212_SOPHIE-CULL-CANDY_S7_0766 151212_SOPHIE-CULL-CANDY_S8_0117 151212_SOPHIE-CULL-CANDY_S13_1115 151212_SOPHIE-CULL-CANDY_S11_0968151212_SOPHIE-CULL-CANDY_S14_1257
Model Millie @ Established Models was photographed by Matt Lain with styling by Toni Caroline.