Stevie by Rahkela

11(1)“We hummed Stevie Nick’s ‘On The Edge of Seventeen’ the entire shoot and talked about the taboo on female body hair and had a lot of laughs.” Painted in a shade of intoxicating spirit, talent and life-loving charm there’s no doubt that when this group of slightly odd girls came together that they would deliver something absolutely unique and beautiful. Kicking it to the quiet corners of the suburbs ‘Stevie’ took form to exude as what photographer Rachela Nardella describes as an art deco, new wave fusion, and 1970’s punk vibe, or as they’re declaring, a new genre. This strong aesthetic was greatly driven by designer Cielle Marchal‘s QUT graduate (goose-bump inducing) collection ‘What Follows’ and model Grace Dunn’s casual personal style. Topped off with makeup artist Alyssa Selin and stylist Sofs Maguire‘s work you have one lovely editorial.


Dress & shoes | What Follows CL


Dress and pants | vintage, shoes | What Follows CL




Dress | What Follows CL, shoes | Vintage Doc Martins