Pitchouguina SS16

PITCHOUGUINA_Campaign_Low_Res_12The first and most crucial step in bringing a new collection to life, at least according to the brilliant minds over at Pitchouguina– the brand founded in 2013 by Russian born designer Anna Pitchouguina, is selecting what materials feel inherently right to work with each time around. Crisp and solid textiles, super fine lace trims & light flowing fabrics paired with the virtual sea of whites and blues forming their colour palette bring forth the melancholic seaside feel that would become the theme of their SS16 collection. Photography courtesy of Frankiewicz&Rozniata. Makeup by Virginia Bertolani. Model is Corrie Lejuwaan @FM London.

PITCHOUGUINA_Campaign_Low_Res_4 sea-12
PITCHOUGUINA_Campaign_Low_Res_13 sea-4