Wanderful by Ramona Deckers


In a salute to the 90’s, photographer Ramona Deckers and model Ollie Kram @ Milk relish in bare-feet, jeans, sheer garments and over sized frocks. Parting from the realm of digital Deckers has captured the series of images entirely on analogue using both a hasselblad and 35mm camera.’Wanderful’s’ deep beauty implores you to feel a sense of serenity as well as a deep hunger to throw on sheer top revealing an exposed bra. The transcendent series is additionally in debt to the combined team of the talented Ellie Blackwell on hair, Hannah Newman styling, and Amy Wright creating the makeup.
Location: Amazon Fashion Studios.


ramonadeckers78Dress | Olivia Overton
ramonadeckers40T-shirt | Vinti Andrews, bra & knickers | & Other Stories, trainers | Reebokramonadeckers63
Top | & Other Stories, trousers | Cassandra Atcherley
Dress | Ursula Middelboe ramonadeckers13
Coat | Cassandra Atcherley, trousers | Ursula Middelboe, shoes | Unisaramonadeckers43ramonadeckers_hasselblad3Top | Ursula Middelboe, jeans | Levi’s