Interview with Alexandra Cabral


Filled with soft light, lovely muses, and beautiful backdrops, Alexandra Cabral‘s portfolio creates a feeling of serenity and a deep yearning for sweet youthful days. Alexandra takes us to a place where we feel calm mixed with a fervent desire to pull on a summer dress and explore the outside world while also cherishing each moment. To create work that moves another is certainly a talent that cannot be taught, and Alexandra is absolutely brimming with raw talent and a knack for creating images that we are no doubt in love with.

Tell us a bit more about the beautiful Alexandra!
I moved to Paris when I was 17 without knowing a soul to get out of the pits of Suburbia and surrounded myself with a group of beautiful talented girls (who now makeup my circle of closest friends) and French skateboarders. Two years later, after a brief bit of studying with NYU, I found myself moving to Southern California.

5Where did your love for photography first blossom?
When I was 14 and visiting Paris for the summer with my grandparents (riveting company), I walked around Le Jardin du Luxemberg with a telephoto lens and photographed all of these old couples holding one another alongside incredible weathered statues. I saw emotion translated through the lens and I fell in love.

How would you describe your aesthetic?
Pretty; Static.

4What are your inspirations and how do you find this translates into your work?

Female Sexuality – I collect vintage erotica and I enjoy studying how feminine sexuality has evolved in pop culture over the ages. I photograph a lot of girls in the nude; however, I strive to not objectify but rather empower.

Rock N’ Roll (I feel like that word is so passé). LA has an amazing garage rock music scene (i.e. Burger Records, Lolipop Records). I go to shows a lot and I love the energy surrounding the movement, there are so many young creatives that are insanely inspiring.

The ocean- I lived in my cousin’s garage for six months in Venice, CA. He’s an old surfer from LA, and was constantly showing me old surf videos he made in the 90’s and slowly introducing me to the grimy beach culture of Southern California. He would wake me up early in the morning with his kids to go on adventures along the coast and I have come to find deep inspiration in the landscape.
Do you struggle with getting ideas for shoots? How do you overcome this?
No, not really. If I am feeling inspired I make work, if I feel uninspired I make nothing. Creativity comes in waves.

Are there underlying concepts or moods you’re trying to convey through your work?
Yes, the awesomeness of what is to be feminine. I try to photograph girls in a fearless way, as if my photos were to say “hi, here’s me in a beautiful dress with my legs spread and I don’t give a fuck”. I’m not trying to be overtly sexual. I want to be defiant.
1.jpgDream photoshoot?
A blonde virginal boy in white and a brunette girl naked on an ethereal lake washed out with sunlight. Don’t anyone steal my idea.

What other dream job would you have besides photography?
Drummer. Ship Captain.