Transient by Natalie McKain

Outfit | Matt Lee

Our hearts resonate for the beauty and richness that is seen in editorial Transient. Captured in the ever changing and fading light of the afternoon sun ethereal beauty, model and singer Amy Dowdle, adorned in burgandy lace and rocking wine-stained lips, plays and dances. Radiating is a beautiful sense of intimacy which is formed through the tight composition of the images captured by photographer Natalie McKain whose aesthetic we deeply adore. Visually strong styling by Tennille Paterson and makeup by Penny Antuar , assists in delivering a beautiful vision, one that is highly luxurious and enchanting.

“I wanted to feel the light slip away and beyond our reach, to challenge myself to let go.”

Outfit | Casey Tanswell
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Image15 Outfit | Casey Tanswell
Outfit | Matt Lee