Next Gen by Alyssa Cavanagh & Casper + Pearl


If you’ve ever read a Zeum issue then you know that we love getting to know fresh new faces! We were absolutely delighted when introduced to six lovely girls from Australia dressed in none other than the vibrant and unique silhouettes of Casper + Pearl‘s spring summer collection CYBER. The series of visuals bought together by the marvelous photographer Alyssa Cavanagh, and head designer of Casper + Pearl, stylist and co-owner of Azalea Models, Stacey Hendrickson, showcases the next generation of fresh new faces of the fashion industry. We couldn’t be more enthralled in getting to know these sweet girls whose outshining personalities is admirable.  What we have here is something that combines fashion, personality and unparalleled talent to present to us utter whimsy and fun.

Makeup by Millie Herd and hair by Beck Hume.


Star Sign| Taurus
Coolest Model Job | Shooting for Peppermayo in the Blue Mountains
How were you scouted? A family friend photographer took photos of me and my mother agency saw them on Facebook

Age| 13 3/4
Star Sign| Sagittarius
Coolest job so far? Flying to Melbourne to shoot for Fashion Journal
How were you scouted? Walking through fashion markets

Age| 19
Star Sign| Taurus
What sets you apart? My untamed eyebrows
How were you scouted? Shopping in Rundle Mall

Age| 14
Coolest model job| Walking in Jaimie Sortino
What makes you different? My red curly hair
How were you scouted? My mum sent photos to the agency

neontheory-9066 copy
Age| 15
Starsign| Leo
Coolest job so far? Being the face of Casper+Pearl High Summer
How were you scouted? Through social media

Age| 16
Coolest model job| Oyster Beauty
What makes you different? My eyebrows
How were you scouted? Walking to the bus stop from school