Zeum Issue 8 | Bad Girls Do it Well

Monika – Shirt & Pleated Skirt | This Is The Uniform, Grey Skirt | Minki Cheng

Brought to us by Photographer Angelika Wierzbicka, our Issue 8 editorial “Bad Girls Do it Well” has an wild, fun and undeniable “I’ll ditch school with my best friends as soon as the first bell goes” -vibe about it. These girls (Monika @ Paulo Ribeiro Management, and Leila & Judit @ Profile) will wear the uniform, but not without injecting a severe dose of attitude into the look. Styling courtesy of Annie Hertikova, with makeup by Daisy Harris Dandel and Hair by Nazilia Davidson.

Grey Top | Milly Alim, White Bib Top, White Skirt & Black Organza Shorts | This Is The Uniform Backpack | NewLook, Socks | Uniqlo, Shoes | ASOS

Judit – Dress | Minki Cheng, Socks & Shoes | NewLook
Leila – Hat | Primark, Playsuit | Minki Cheng, Socks | Uniqlo, Shoes | NewLook
Monika – Top & Shorts | Minki Cheng, Socks | This Is The Uniform, Shoes | NewLook

Leila – Top, Skirt & Suspender Over Skirt | Milly Alim, Cycling Short | This Is The Uniform, Socks | Uniqlo, Shoes | ASOS

Monika – Shirt & Dress | Milly Alim, Socks | This Is The Uniform, Shoes | ASOS
Judit – Top & Dress | Milly Alim, Socks | Uniqlo, Shoes | ASOS