Amelia by Katie Silvester

As per usual, Katie Silvester has come to us with another candid, sunny and exquisitely coloured series. The day shoot with model Amelia Zadro @ Premier, also co-produced by Katie’s fellow photog and friend James Rees, was a surprisingly long time in the making… two “summers” in fact. “[When we first shot with Amelia we] just fell head over heels in love (you can probably see why) and knew that the next time that she could come over from Australia that we had to hang out and take some pictures again. So she came over to James’ house one sunny afternoon and we did what we do best together. Styled by James using clothes from American Apparel, Grind London and Lazy Oaf, “Amelia”, as a series, is just as fun as you’d imagine a full-day hang out between this amazing group of people would be!
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