Geometrically by Lea Gendrot

Top | Martine Gendrot, skirt | Clara Bondon, shoes | H&M

Photographer Lea Gendrot brings to light a series of images that speak both delicacy and strength. Focusing on combining architectural landscape with the minimalist designs of Clara Bondon’s SS16 collection Proelium, Gendrot has resulted with the alluring editorial ‘Geometrically’. Influenced by Bondon’s collection which concentrates on the fear of passing time, Geometrically has attitude and charm. Together with some glittery makeup by Aurelie Emeraud and hair by Audrey Laforge, model Camille @Crystal Management radiates a beauty that transcends. Overall we’re eager for more of what both this photographer and designer have to offer in the future.

(HD)geometrically-by-leagendrot4Shirt | Martine Gendrot
(HD)geometrically-by-leagendrot10Dress | Clare Bondon, socks | Monki, shoes | H&M
(HD)geometrically-by-leagendrot3Dress | Clare Bondon, socks | Monki, shoes | H&M
(HD)geometrically-by-leagendrot12Jacket & pants | Clara Bondon
(HD)geometrically-by-leagendrot11Top & Skirt | Clara Bondon, shoes | H&M