Zeum Issue 9 | Mafalda Silva

Mafalda Silva lives the same story that most of us do; she’s a dreamer, a creator, and a passionate soul. Her sweetheart and profound love is photography; a medium in which she can create a tangible personal diary of intimate and tender moments, like whispers of memories filling the pages of her mind’s diary. She’s different though; she’s someone you cannot yield your love for; you cannot deny how her work makes you feel. She’s a girl we admire simply because she desires a world encompassed in her dreams and is working hard to get there. She’s on the same path pushing through the brambles and struggles of rejection, criticism and time. She talks of negative feedback being the hardest to cope with, “There are plenty of times I doubt myself. It happens every now and again whenever I get negative feedback related to my work, for example. Whenever this happens I try to focus on the positive things I have achieved so far and carry on in a different direction. I struggled a lot with this when I first started working in photography. Learning to accept a ‘no’ is a hard thing to do but I have now managed to not take it so personally.” From the heart of this traveller on a journey to her dreams, her advice is to focus on the positives in life, be persistent, explore and do n’t be afraid to take risks, and most importantly don’t ever give up.

Coat | Monki, Skirt | This is the Uniform, Top | Yirantian, Shoes | Dorateymur

Just because one person doesn’t like your work doesn’t mean the whole world will feel the same way or that you are do ing something wrong.”

Coat | Lauren Duncan
Skirt & top | This is The Uniform
Full Look | Richard Malone

Words by Ingela Furustig
Images by Mafalda Silva for Zeum issue 9
Model | Kaia Moore @ Storm Models
Stylist | Helen Rendell
Hair & Makeup | Charli Avery using Bobbi Brown