Interview with Jodi Melody

It was hard not to fall in love with Jodi Melody’s work when we first discovered her. Soaked in pops of colour, and that irresistible haze you find in analogue photograph, Jodi’s imagery is lush, soft and deeply charming. We’re taken to a quiet and lovely place through her work and we couldn’t be more into it. Here we chat to her about her inspirations, desires, and what we would expect from a shoot with her.

How did photography enter your life?
Photography wandered in and out of my youth but really began to stick when I started a little fashion blog with my high school friend Geraldine. We used to dress up in coordinated outfits and take hundreds of photos of each other in different locations around the city.
Model | Eva, stylist | Hannah Jensen

What else are you passionate about?
I am a lover of dance and design. I spend a lot of time in second hand stores.

What are your inspirations and how do you find this translates into your work?
My inspirations have changed a lot from when I first started making images till now. In the beginning I was inspired by fantasy and the surreal. Now my inspirations usually come mainly from strangers I see on the street. Someone catches my eye for only a few seconds and I begin to build a story of what kind of they are, their job, their lifestyle. Then when I am putting together a shoot I try to capture snap shots of this character I have half imagined, half observed.
Model | Eva, stylist | Hannah Jensen

What has been your most memorable shoot?
I recently did a shoot with two models, Elise and Julia, who I have known for awhile and are terrific friends. On the day of the shoot we spent so long chatting as they did their own make up in the car that I realised we only had a few minutes of sunlight left. The shoot itself was so quick yet natural and in the end pictures I really feel the girls bond and trust with each other.
Model | Eva, stylist | Hannah Jensen

Take us through a shoot with Jodi – what could we expect?
Usually I meet a model alone or with a small team in a spot around Wellington city. I assume that I always look crazy as I have bags of clothes in every arm and two cameras swinging around my neck. When the shoot starts I give strong direction in the beginning to capture the shots I have imagined but from there I just let my instincts take control. Expect outfit changes. Expect bad weather.
What are three things we may not know about you?
1. Melody is my real surname – a lot of people assume it is fictitious.
2. I love going bed early.
3. My favourite part of a fashion magazine is always the adverts.

What do you dream of in your future?
I dream of becoming an art director!