Tandia by Amy Hibbard

Dress | Penny Sage, earrings by | POMS

Sun kissed skin, sweet smiles, sock and heel combinations, overalls, and delicious 70’s patterns are definitely our list of summertime obsessions. Photographer Amy Hibbard definitely does it right with editorial ‘Tandia’. Inspired by Glassons current collection ‘Edt 5’ the shoot takes upon a 70’s vibe through its approach to styling pulled off by the talented Caitlin Jane; makeup created by Kat Margarita who uses Mac Cosmetics; location; and the poses created by model Tandia @ The Agency Models. There’s nothing we want more than to be a part of this editorial!

‘Tandia’ gives about giving you an impression, a taste of the past, an insight into perhaps someones lost youth. The impression this editorial gives its viewers is something all so familiar, yet perhaps a taste not from your time. With the mixture of retro blues and australian landscape, this editorial takes you to a place, one that feels very close to home. Just you guys, hanging on the beach in the afternoon as the sun goes down with your cool coastal friend, Tandia.

IMG_4399Sweater & overalls | Glassons EDT, sunglasses | Pared EyewearIMG_4613IMG_4752
Sweater & skirt | Glassons EDT, sunglasses | Pared Eyewear
IMG_4829Top | Vale, pants | Penny Sage
IMG_3843Dress | Penny Sage, dress worn as jacket | Glassons EDT
IMG_4013IMG_3935Dress | Penny Sage, earrings | POMS