Meet Peach Kelli Pop


Photos by Kelsey Hart

Peach Kelli Pop’s music reminds you of that teen angst that never quite goes away. Whether it’s about societies unattainable physical standards or gushing over someone, to even Sailor Moon – PKP delivers these topics wrapped up in a pink cellophane wrapper. Their high energy, sixties pop influenced music is the kind made for hopping around in your underwear.

Allie Hanlon of PKP talked to Zeum, and gave us some insight on the importance of vulnerability and her inability to keep a mysterious low social media presence.

All of their songs and lyrics are available here, except for one titled Heart Eyes where the band has actually listed “too embarrassing to post” underneath. Allie told us, “ I find the idea of taking myself seriously embarrassing. The lyrics in Heart eyes are so cheesy- they are about when I was developing strong feelings for someone. I think people really appreciate vulnerability, though, so its good to let yourself be open in that way. “

Their latest album Peach Kelli Pop III seems as though it was pushing subtle themes of feminism with songs like Shampoo and Big Man, but for them it’s not about pushing labels but instead covering relatable topics . “I incorporated my own every-day frustrations into some of the lyrics. I wasn’t trying to push anything per se – but the lyrics are about my experience as a woman and I know a lot of other women might be able to relate.”


You may feel like you already know Peach Kelli Pop if you follow them on Twitter, due to their funny and self deprecating tweets from anything about hitting a wall from texting and walking to dreams of joining the 90s band, Aqua. “I think it’s cool when bands are mysterious and have no social media presence. It kind of lets the music be the main focus, which is arguably how it should be. On the other hand, it can be a really fun way to interact with fans. A lot of my musician friends are actually quite hilarious and it’s fun reading the crazy stuff they post. I grew up spending a lot of time on the internet and on social networking sites, so things like twitter are very second-nature for me.”

Peach Kelli Pop have plans for touring Europe from September- October as well as playing some shows in California, where the band currently resides. Allie also has plans to start a new more collaborative band in the fall. 

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