Forever Wounds by Parker Woods

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Dress & mask | Stickybaby

Amongst a sweeping, isolated and dry landscape, model Isabelle Sandmeyer brings moodiness to a place where it thrives. ‘Forever Wounds’ is a series of images that encompasses power and rawness – it’s a type of editorial that results only when the person that captures it is truly talented. In this case photographer Parker Woods has breathed life into these images. Combined with the knits and sheer dresses sourced by stylist Katie Qian there is definitely magic in this editorial.

When I shot with Isabelle, the goal was to have her in this desolate setting and to still look confident, powerful, and slightly irritated. I wanted to convey the freedom of the pieces she’s wearing without taking away from her demeanor. Rather than reserved or naive, her body language feels assertive and the angles of the photographs make her appear superimposed and dominant – although isolated. The mood of the shoot reflects confidence in oneself while being in a harsh and unknown environment.

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Top & pants | Maria Dora
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Top & pants | Maria Dora, shoes | stylist’s own
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Top & Jacket | KahleZeum Image 5
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