Saudades: A Photo Diary

Ornate pastel tiles are a basic fixture for just about any kind of building in the small town of Aveiro, even this older take-out restaurant.

Hello, I am Victoria – Zeum‘s newest editorial intern! To get to know Zeum‘s lovely online community a little better I put together an intimate and mostly sarcastic photo diary of my recent trip to Portugal. I was beyond lucky to visit this beautiful country my parents come from and hope you all enjoy.

Saudades is one of those words that cannot be translated in english. In Portuguese it means a feeling of a combination of things- melancholy, nostalgia and loss. I recently took a trip to Portugal, and revisited my father’s home town and received that sense of missing something I had never even experienced. In Aveiro, one of the most quaint and quiet towns in Portugal, I spent a lot of time stuffing my face with egg tarts and admiring the aging pastel buildings and mosaic floors. However, I also got to see a country filled with culture and a story that left a calm and lasting impression on me.

pdzeum2I couldn’t help but snag this one because of how much she reminds me of my Grandma, everything down to the handkerchief and curious people watching. pdzeum5

Local vendors sell everything from fedoras made of cork (unfortunately) to these beautiful straw hats and bags.


These colourful ribbons tied along this small bridge over the river in Aveiro seemed like a low key and sweet ode to the love locks in Paris. pdzeum4

It was difficult not to refrain from posing near every old pastel building, as you can tell.

This photo was taken in Sintra, a town near by filled with small shops that often sold these beautiful hand painted tiles and plates. pdzeum15Also nearby was the nautical town of Costa Nova, that took on the role of a fabricated town in a Disney movie. The doughy fried sweet specialties, furturas, which were sold on every block, also helped with accomplishing that fairy tale scent.