Triplicate by Justin Aranha

Dresses | Eliza Faulkner

Three pretty girls have been brought together by talented photographer Justin Aranha to create something that displays an organic and sweet elegance. Playing under soft lighting and dressed in textured garments ‘Triplicate’ is an editorial that has our hearts. Jac @Sutherland, Ava @Elmber Olsen, and Kelsey @Elite were styled by Nariman J with hair and makeup by Ashley Readings @Plutino Group Toronto.

Zeum-Mag_Submission_2 Jac wears shirt | Eliza Faulkner, trousers | Zara
Kelsey wears shirt, tee and trousers | Eliza Faulkner
Ava wears shirt | Topshop, jacket | Levi’s, culottes | Eliza Faulkner

Kelsey wears shirt and trousers | Aritzia, tee | Eliza Faulkner
Ava wears tee | Aritzia, tee | Eliza Faulkner, pants | Gap
Jac wears shirt | Aritzia, trousers | Zara, shoes | Aldo
Tee and gown | Eliza Faulkner
Zeum-Mag_Submission_10 Kelsey wears jacket | Topshop, shirt | H&M, trousers | Aritzia
Jac wears shirt and trousers | Wilfred, undershirt | Hanes, belt and suspenders | Topman
Ava wears jacket | Eliza Faulkner, shirt | Wilfred, Culottes | Aritzia

Zeum-Mag_Submission_11 Kelsey wears jacket | Topshop, shirt | H&M, trousers | AritziaZeum-Mag_Submission_13
Dresses | Eliza Faulkner