Meet Sophia Aerts

There’s a sort of authentic beauty that radiates from the photographic work of 25 year old photographer, Sophia Aerts. Breathing life into film images Sophia captures organic scenes and lovely girls that play in soft palettes and gentle tones – it’s certainly bought a sparkle to our lives. Injecting our hearts with infatuation like a spell or a potion we just had to take this moment to learn more about the lovely photographer that is Sophia Aerts.

Photography enables me to discover and learn about others and myself. It is a way to express myself and to document moments.

How did photography enter your life?
I have always been fascinated by photography and art. Growing up I used to play with my parents’ cameras a lot and I still work with my dad’s old camera. At some point I decided to study fashion photography – I don’t think I ever considered anything else.

Your images have such an ease and fluidity about them – how do you approach photo shoots? Is there something in particular you do to make your models feel comfortable?

The most important thing is to make everyone on set feel comfortable, we have a chat and briefly discuss the shoot. The models are at their best when they are relaxed and not very much aware of the camera. I never give more directions than I have to, avoiding to force things and allowing the model to move in her own way.
What are your inspirations and how does that translate into your work?
Nature, the people around me and my travels are my main inspiration. Sometimes there are references to places I have visited or someone who inspires me can become the subject of a story.

What has been your most memorable shoot? Tell us a bit about it!
My most memorable shoot is probably Odyssey. It is a personal project about travelling, about the longing to be on the road. I gathered a team and we were on the road shooting for almost a week. Afterwards I collaborated with a graphic designer and we created a limited edition book.
What have your experiences been like shooting backstage at fashion shows?
It is fascinating to see designers working with their collections and to be able to look at it up close. The whole experience is quite overwhelming, there are so many people backstage working to get everything ready for the shows up to the very last seconds and it’s great to be there to document it all.
Whats a day in the life like for Sophia Aerts?
Every day is completely different! I am usually working on multiple projects at the same time so if I am not shooting I am visiting the photography lab, scanning or editing photos, emailing, doing go sees, preparing new projects, going to meetings..
What can we expect from you in the future?
I have quite a few exciting projects coming up! I am working on a couple of look books and editorials and on a new project with Mansur Gavriel! I would also love to do another personal project like Odyssey and publish another book.