Daydream by Kelly Rose Hammond

150327_ROOFTOP_FILM_005 Using sheeting along with the movement of the wind to create some unexpected results, Kelly Rose Hammond photographs Sophie O’Neale @ Select Models on a London rooftop. “The inspiration came from creating a shoot that played with subtle imperfections that do not instantly appear but provide a sense of realism to each image”. Sophie was styled featuring some of our favourite London-based brands and graduate collections by Alice Newbury and had hair & makeup by Bobana Parojcic. 150327_ROOFTOP_FILM_008

Polo neck & Jumpsuit | Shushu / Tong
Top | The WhitePepper
Dress | Apujan
Coat & Top | Min Wu
Top & Culottes | Shushu / Tong, Shoes | The WhitePepper