Meet Zeum 10 Cover Girl Flo Morrissey

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Art can be found in anything. Anything a person creates or dreams up, puts a little bit of their soul into, is their art. In the case of 20-year-old singer/songwriter Flo Morrissey, music, as her art, is absolutely intrinsic to her being. For such a young soul, her self-awareness that her unique sound has changed and developed over the years in response to her experiences, proves that she exemplifies Zeum 10’s theme. She’s still growing and transforming as a person and an artist, and time will only continue to magnify, augment and deepen her potential.

Hello, my name is Flo. I’m originally from and still live in London – near portobello road. Though I dream of moving somewhere sunny for half the year or having a place in Paris someday. I turned twenty on Christmas day.

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Hi Flo! Was music introduced to you at an early age? Let’s talk about your sound and creative process. Music is always what I have done, it feels like a necessity to me. I know that I am very lucky I get to do what I love for a living. I used to sing in my school choir and do the solos at christmas concerts so originally thought I wanted to be a classical/opera singer. Hard work and starting out early, particularly growing up finding a community through the internet, helped bring me to my manager and label by the time I turned 18.

My sound and creative process is very human – so it has been changing constantly  over the years, and with age, but at the end of the day it always will stay very personal to me. I think when I was 15 I was still just discovering how to play a C or G chord, so everything still seemed new and magical. Although, as you get older, with everything, you have to remember to find beauty in the ordinary, and now I think that that is really the foundation for my creativity.
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You recently travelled to L.A. – did being there influence any of the songs on your album? I actually wrote the songs long before my trip to L.A., from the ages of 15 to 18. I was really just going there to record them! But I definitely feel like being in L.A. while recording had a special impression on the songs, I feel it helped bring out a particular warm feeling in them, an underlying sense of ever-present light, which is another theme I try to have in my music. Even if on the surface my songs might seem sad, I promise I’m not all doom and gloom!

You have to remember to find beauty in the ordinary, and now I think that that is really the foundation for my creativity.

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Back to London. You have a love for vintage and jewellery – what are some of your favourite places for shopping in the city? Living near Portobello is great, I love to go to the market now and again and also to some of the vintage shops on Golborne Road. Though I feel my style has changed over the past few years, and it tends to be difficult to find vintage clothes that I love that aren’t overpriced these days… so I often find myself trolling on etsy and finding individual shop owners on instagram for inspiration and new pieces. I am more for having a few truly special things and making them my ‘uniform’, like treating them as a piece of art rather than if I were mass-buying on the street for things that won’t stay with me forever.

So, how would you describe your personal style? My friends laugh at me when I try to explain it… but I would say it is slightly ‘bohemian’ I guess! I feel I am more into the 60s these days over the 70s, so not so much hippie, but I am going for a more a classy & chic type of look.
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Tell us about your upcoming projects! Will you be touring this summer?  I just toured with the beautiful french twins of Ibeyi and opened on tour for the wonderful Tobias Jesso Jr. Then I suppose that I’m just going to have to see where things lead. I love not knowing exactly what I’ll be doing next, I’m really just most excited to be creating and hopefully playing a lot more this year.


Interview by Danielle Suzanne, Images by Matilda Hill-Jenkins. For the full interview, check out Zeum 10 print