Chloe Wise

Exhibition Review | Pissing, Schmoozing and Looking Away

The Montreal, Canada-born and currently New York-based artist Chloe Wise has recently brought her craft back home for an absolute must-see turn at Division Gallery in downtown Toronto. When we recently visited the show our team couldn’t help but make note of the extreme decadence, excess and vice cleverly put on display and called out to by Wise during her first solo exhibition: an obvious critique of not only the fashion world but today’s society in general.

Pancakes No. 5 | oil paint, urethane, leather, hardware, 2015

Belgian Moschino Waffles, 2015
Earl of Sandwich, 2015

The logos of a number of top designer brands such as ChanelMoschino and Dior (to name a few) are seamlessly incorporated by Wise into her pieces, the bulk of which which are obviously, in any possible realm of existence, completely unusable (but nonetheless oddly beautiful and fascinating) accessories and handbags made to appear as if it is made out of food.

This is one of the most dynamic exhibitions that we have seen in a long time… and we can’t stress enough how incredibly worth-it is to see each of these pieces in person! So hurry! The exhibition closes on June 13th.