Meet the Girls in Zeum issue 10 by Danielle Suzanne

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Blouse | Dries Van Noten, Hair Clips | Heart of Gold

Zeum issue 10 is all about getting to know some of our favourite faces (this time around, lots of Canadian ones!) Here is a sneak peek into our Meet the Girls feature taken in our native Toronto. Photographed by Zeum’s own Danielle Suzanne, models Lauren, Mary Jane, Julee & Aislinn were styled by Sonia Chedli with a mix of vintage & designer pieces, and had hair & makeup by Christine Jairamsingh. Assisted by Lauren Fairservice. Read more by picking up a copy of the issue here.

Vest | Mama Loves You Vintage, Hair Clips | Heart of Gold
Coat | Divine Decadence Originals, T-shirt & Jeans | Mama Loves You Vintage
Top | Divine Decadence Originals, Hair Clips | Heart of Gold
Coat & Dress | Divine Decadence Originals
Top | Divine Decadence Originals, Hair Clips | Heart of Gold
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Dress | Dries Van Noten

All makeup using MAC Cosmetics.