Shushu/Tong London

rIMG_8500Making a quick return to Zeum Online, twins Meg & Alise Murie @ Milk model for London College of Fashion graduate designers’ Shushu/Tong. Photographed by Xiaoye Shen with hair and makeup by Currisa Cheng, Shushu, one half of the brands’ brilliance, tells us that the idea of a ‘naughty girl’ emerged as the initial character and soul of the collection. Their FW15 celebrates a girl that never obeys the rules. “Her style is mixed; she can wear evening wear when riding a bicycle, she can wear a fur coat on a tennis court, jeans and t-shirts to a party – she is just having fun. A naughty girl will always dress a little beyond your imagination, she has the attitude: ‘even if this is shit, I can rock it!'” Sound and look a bit like Zeum issue 8’s Veruca Salt? We think so.rIMG_8254dnamsnd rIMG_8638rIMG_8327rIMG_8786