Broughton Road by Igor Termenón

The founding editor of Girls on Film zine, co-founder of Future Positive, and an incredibly talented photographer, I’ve always had a mutual respect and admiration for Igor Termenón and the stories he tells. It might stem from the similarities in how we choose to work; I wholeheartedly understand what it takes to balance my love for the arts, all while putting a particular emphasis on editing and photography. Here for Zeum Online he spends a blooming spring afternoon with Emily @ Model Team, creating an intimate series of analogue portraits taken around Broughton Road in Edinburgh.
Igor-Termenon-9 Igor-Termenon-3Igor-Termenon-5

“When I got in touch with Emily, I found out that we lived in the same area of Edinburgh. I went for a walk the day before the shoot and tried to find as many interesting locations as possible. I had wanted to shoot in a modernist building from the 60s-70s and when I went to have a look, I discovered other amazing buildings built around the same time and decided to use them as the background for our shoot.”

Igor-Termenon-2 Igor-Termenon-7