Hollie Fernando x Kemi Mai

On back (cover nipple)
First photographing lovely Emma Laird in her room, Hollie Fernando set out to create a series knowing that with each snap of her shutter, the analogue images she was creating would not be the final result. “I had an idea of a painting for each image in mind when I was shooting. I wanted to involve photography with another media” she explains. She passed along the photographs and little notes to talented digital artist Kemi Mai, who came back with some incredible results just in time for Spring. “I am completely fascinated by Kemi’s process and how realistic her digital paintings are; she’s insanely talented. I thought it would be a brilliant opportunity to work with her and create something really special.” Hair and makeup by Erin Kristensen.

Over darker eye9In Belly Button ret r flower fl-7Collarbone Down spine89Lungs drawn in flowers Crop Top Tshirt or Bralet
Model | Emma Laird @ Models 1