Interview with Alison Hope Murray

Alison Hope Murray’s designs embody that quintessential Aussie spirit; colourful, bold, and beautifully different. Drawn together with coloured geometric lines, maroon’s and grey’s, textured patterns, angled shapes, and classic outback boots; you have something that encourages our environmental appreciation. Fresh from university Alison has created an astounding first collection full of detail and life. We were so excited to get this moment to chat to her about this collection and her plans for the future.

Stylist// Caroline Tran
Photographer// Chris Fatseas


What does Alison Hope Murray the label stand for?

Alison Hope Murray the label stands for the girl who is curious and ready to be in charge. She wants clothes that are comfortable, colourful and practical because this is what makes her feel attractive, witty and in charge of her own.

What would you describe as the style of your brand?

The brand is about creating a sense of eclectic luxury with a high attention to detail but that is also fun and colourful in a considered way not a rainbow vommitted everywhere way!

Where did it all begin for you.. how did you come to fall in love with needle and thread?

Magazines. I grew up in Adelaide which is one of the smaller capitals of Australia and the first time I found a US Vogue when I was 12 that was it. I had always been a mad drawer, hoarder and creator of stuff but from then on it was all about dressing people.

We’re aware you’ve used images of the Australian landscape on your pieces. How does the Australian environment impact on your pieces?

I am an Australian designer and I think it’s incredibly important to let whats around you have a say in what you do. There’s no authenticity in being inspired by something you haven’t experienced personally or can’t empathise with.

Do you think this will be an underlying effect on your work in the future, or will you move onto collections with new concepts?

Although ‘The Great Australian dream’ was a focus for my AW15 collection it will not always be the forefront of what I do but I am an Australian and that will always be the starting point for my work and it will always influence me, what’s exciting about the creative process is how that changes and develops with each project.
What little ideas do you have floating in your head for future collections?

Everything.. is that an ok answer? Seriously though my mind is as much of a mess as my studio. There are always so many things I’m interested in at any one time so nailing one thing down is always the most painful process for me. But right now I have started focusing in on the idea of self curation through social media as the concept for my next collection.

How would you love a Zeum girl to feel when wearing your pieces?

Ready for anything, ready to question everything and attractive by her own definition.

What’s the plan now that you’ve graduated?

At the moment I am producing a smaller knitwear collection of jumpers and accessories which is a continuation of the themes/colours and ideas that I have explored in my AW collection. So I’m really just focusing on the launch of this capsule collection that will be sold through my own online store and Not Just a Label.

Tell us a little fact we don’t know about you?
I was once cast in a music video for One Direction, it was never released but I feel it’s still a claim that I had a Jacuzzi with Harry Styles.