Interview with Mermaidens

What we have here is an extraordinary creature whose musings and daydreams bonds our heart to the that thing we call love and adulation. Perhaps destined to cover the world in creativity when she was born into family with an artist mum and a teacher for a dad, both of whom instilled a deep love of colour and art in her, Kailey Flyte has gone on to make a name for herself through her whimsical fashion blog, Mermaidens. And what we couldn’t love more than Kailey’s pastel filled wardrobe and novel accessories are the moments she merges together with enchanting work of photographer Hana Haley to create something truly swoon-worthy. We took a moment to find out more about this muse and her recent collaboration with the star, Hana Haley.

While Kailey’s aesthetic begs to flaunt itself in a bright, peachy pastel fashion world, I wanted to challenge that with a darker, more mysterious theme.

How did Mermaidens come into your life?
Growing up I was forever drawing, making collages, greedily drinking up vibrant movies and read magazines cover to cover. One day I realized I didn’t have anywhere to channel my creative energy – so I decided I should teach myself to sew clothing. While Googling tutorials, I stumbled across fashion blogs, and absolutely fell in love! They were more real and accessible then the glossy magazines – that would only feature designer pieces that were too expensive and felt a million miles away – and I was hooked.
Which lucky person gets to follow you around and take your blog snaps?
Funnily enough, it’s usually family members I have to bribe to take photos of me!

If you’re not blogging what else can we find you up to?

Drawing, playing with makeup, watching movies, finding inspiration in old books and magazines – and occasionally playing Candy Crush… (I can’t stop!)

We’d love to know more about your Powder Doom project!
I’m editor in chief of Powder Doom, a makeup blog that shares tutorials, tips, and tricks for makeup and beauty. We have multiple contributors and submissions are open so readers can submit articles too! We strive to be inclusive and diverse – something that is overlooked in a lot of mainstream beauty blogs.

We’ve spied milkshakes, hearts, a peppermint, lips, ice creams, and a shell shaped bag – what other novelty bags do you wish someone would make?
Oh goodness, such a great question! I would LOVE to see a pineapple purse – and I had to splurge on this milkshake purse the other day…

How does your love of illustration influence and affect your work?

I really love cartoons, and I think it influences my style because it is kind of exaggerated, nostalgic, playful, and colorful!
Your dream collaboration?
I would love to design a few clothing pieces for a store!

What are your aspirations for the future? Where would you like to take Mermaidens?

I would just really love to keep doing what I’m doing! Mermaidens has opened up so many doors for me, ones I would never even imagine or think of, and I can only hope that that continues to happen!
We always adore seeing a collaboration between yourself and Hana! How did this relationship form?
I have been a fan of Hana’s nostalgic and candy colored photography for years before I met her, so I was over the moon when she contacted me on Instagram, interested in working together! Seeing your own face in the work of somebody you admire so much is incredibly reaffirming and an amazing feeling.
Your recent shoot with her is absolutely delightful. How would you describe a day in the life of shooting with Hana Haley?
Thank you! It is always a joy to spend time with Hana – in between taking photos we will be sharing milkshakes, coffee, and secrets. Hana has a way of immediately putting a person at ease – she will be telling jokes or sharing cute antidotes before suddenly becoming hushed when she visualizes a shot or will scream “don’t move” when I’m eating a donut!

It’s also just fun to watch her work – she has such a strong vision and a very talented, trained eye that seems almost instinctual as she considers the location or weighs how the sun will fall on a face.

Several times we have had to improvise if we’ve run out of planned locations – and Hana still always manages to find beauty in places I would have totally overlooked, I also really love that she is always willing to listen to my suggestions and makes my opinion feel valued!
Current top five designers.

– Samantha Pleet
– Kling
– Dear Creatures
– Lazy Oaf
– Moschino because of the Barbie collection!