Hey Jude Shop

Hey Jude Shop was created in 2010, stemming from a love of vintage clothing. Lauren and Lyndsey, who created the store, love the hunt, and finding the perfect pieces. Judging by their perfectly curated online shop, they know all the right places to look. Hey Jude also host pop up shops, including the upcoming Hey Lover pop up with the Dream Lover Collective. Click here for more info on the Vancouver, BC event.
Below, our interview with Lauren and Lyndsey, as well as their Winter lookbook.
Photographer | Danaea Li
Makeup/Hair | Paula Lanzador
Model | Julia Mauro
What inspired you to start Hey Jude?
It all started from each of us exploring our personal style through vintage shopping. We would get up early and go sift racks together and really get excited to wear these cool, unique (sometimes questionable) pieces. When friends started to notice our unique style and ask for help with their shopping that’s when the idea of Hey Jude came about. We’d seen the pop-up model on a trip to New York and were yet to see it in the Vancouver market place. It just all clicked together and we started our business four years ago.
What is the best part about “the hunt” for the perfect pieces?
We always get really excited before we go buying. It’s the anticipation of what we might find. We also try to make it as fun as possible. Most of our buying is done on the road and includes 10-12 hours of picking and driving a day. We make sure to load up our iPods with new music and bring some road snacks (we are BIG fans of Miss Vickies Salt and Vinegar chips). We spend a lot of time in random small towns but always make sure to plan our trips so we end our day in a city (usually Seattle of Portland). That way we can go for cocktails and check out some live music to reward ourselves!
Being eco-conscious is important to the Hey Jude brand. Why do you think it is important for more fashion companies to become eco-friendly?
There has been a huge spike in fast-fashion in the last 15 years. If you read about how detrimental it is to our environment that alone would make you not want to support that type of production. We are in a day and age now where more and more people want to make responsible, educated choices with their purchases. Be it what they choose to drive, choose to eat and even wear day to day. We’ve become over-saturated with all these cheap, fast choices around us. Fashion companies have the ability to be progressive, just like any other industry, and create a eco-conscious brand that is just as fashion forward than any other product. With the extreme rise in the use of social media, companies are able to have such a positive influence on their followers; it is their responsibility to lead by example and be at the forefront of educating consumers and creating positive change. We think that we’ll see a shift in how people view eco-friendly brands in the next few years, it won’t be all “granola and hemp” anymore!
What inspires the Hey Jude aesthetic? People, places, things?
Our aesthetic is really inspired by the 2 of us. It is all the things we love and are interested in all rolled into one package. Personally, we are both extremely inspired by travel and learning about other cultures. We’ve both spent time backpacking and travelling to numerous places around the world and it has influenced us immensely. We’ve also always shared our own personal inspirations with each other, for example, Lyndsey with performance arts, such as dance and theatre, and Lauren with modern and historical art, architecture and design. Our current Hey Jude aesthetic has just developed over the last few years with us testing out different styles at our pop-ups and really honing in on what speaks to us and represents our brand best. We always maintain our classic look but are always looking to evolve and striving to be the best version we can.
Do you ever travel to find Hey Jude pieces? If so, where has been your favourite place, and where would you like to go in the future?
We are always travelling to find our Hey Jude pieces. Before we do a pop-up shop we’ll go on a 4-5 day buying trip and get a majority of the pieces for that collection. It’s a lot of driving and long hours of picking but absolutely one of our favourite parts of the entire process. We are always trying to make it interesting by taking photos along the way and trying to find the best places to stop for coffee or a cocktail. We love going to Portland because there is so much to do and see in our down time! I think in the future we’re really excited to get over to Montreal.
Who would you love to see wearing Hey Jude pieces?
Celebrity wise, we’d LOVE to see Lykke Li wearing Hey Jude. She’s so rad. We’d also love to see our pieces worn globally by women who are trailblazers in their respective industries and just ooze confidence. That would be pretty cool.
What’s next for Hey Jude?
This next season we are looking to create new designs that are inspired by our vintage finds. One of our main struggles is finding something incredible and only having one of it! Design is a direction we’ve always planned on going and this next year seems like the perfect time to start that process. We will continue to pick vintage and put together seasonal collections to be sold in our pop-up shops. Lots of new creative shoots, videos and collaborations. We are also going to work to broaden our reach through our website and online store. So many exciting things are coming up!