We are Hairy People | Beauty is Freedom

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We are Hairy People is a hand Painted Clothing Brand based in the UK; their name declaring their imperfection. All pieces are uniquely made by two WAHP artists, Sarah & Lizzie. Their latest campaign, Beauty is Freedom, has a special place in our hearts as it merges perfectly with the message behind our current print issue Pretty is as Pretty Does. “My art has flaws because each piece is individually hand painted, and we all have flaws because we’re all individually made.” says Sarah. “You’re valuable not by how you look but by who you are.” Made up of 3 parts- a short film (below), a series of images, and an article, the campaign aims to inspire young girls by reminding them that they have great worth, that they are infinitely valuable and perfect just as they are. Starting December 1st, the brand will be releasing a series of 12 images featuring 12 different girls, photographed without make up, and without any post production changes. Each girl will represent a day of Christmas, one image released each day (which will also have a final feature on Zeum Online – so watch this space!)

The film features Sarah Caulfield of WAHP and blogger Zoe Suen, filmed by Vanilla Bear Films.