Welcome to Paradise by Nastasia Dusapin

4_Nastasia_Dusapin“One day they built an airport close to this quaint village, so almost everybody left. Now it remains, but with quite a special ambiance. We shot in front of homes where there is no life anymore and named the series Welcome to Paradise. It’s all a bit ironic because there was this house with ‘AU PARADIS’ written on it, which in french means ‘IN PARADISE’. Photographer Nastasia Dusapina first to Zeum Online, photographs Anastasiya at City Models amongst quiet ruins in Paris with makeup by Canelle Ferrari and styling by Caroline Nedelec.
T-shirt | Cos, Dress | vintage from Louise Paris
Pull over | Acne from Louise Paris
8_Nastasia_Dusapin15_Nastasia_Dusapin 11_Nastasia_Dusapin
Dress | Lanvin from Louise Paris, t-shirt | Cos
Dress | Chloé from Louise Paris
Tank | Chloé from Louise Paris