Eliza Faulkner

After attending World Mastercard Fashion Week in Toronto a few weeks ago, we were feeling very inspired. One of the collections that really stood out to us was Eliza Faulkner’s. Showing as part of the Mercedes-Benz Start Up, Eliza’s SS15 collection was “inspired by a trip to LA and all of the cool skater kids on Venice Beach”. Her denim-centric collection full of sweet summer dresses has us longing for the SS15 season already. For now, you can check out our interview with Faulkner, and her SS15 lookbook below!
How did studying/working  in London shape you as a designer?
At Central St. Martin’s they really teach you how to look at design differently and from a non-fashion point of view. They encourage freedom in your design and allow you to make more or less whatever you want. Living in London itself, you get to experience art in many different ways and have access to some great museums and galleries. All of those things helped to shape me as a designer – as well as working for Erdem and Roland Mouret.
How do you think the London fashion scene differs from the Canadian fashion scene?
 In London fashion is really respected, admired, and celebrated. Here in Canada it is still seen as a bit of a novelty. Fashion is London is about pushing the boundaries and being innovative where as in Canada it’s more about practicality and wearability.
What was the inspiration behind your spring/summer 15 collection?
Spring/summer was inspired by a trip to LA and all of the cool skater kids on Venice Beach. Also, I wanted to use a lot of different coloured denims which was inspired by the ‘Canadian Tuxedo’ (denim on denim).
Did you always know you wanted to study design/become a designer?
As far back as I can remember, yes. I’ve also been interested in beauty and harmony and I’ve always made clothes so it was a natural thing to do. Of course there were times when I thought I’d do other things, but I always ended up making clothes! Zeum1
What inspires you on a daily basis…people, places, things…
Everything is inspiring if you are looking for it. Even the most banal thing can be inspiring – the pavement, the kitchen sink, the way a tea towel drapes off of the oven. Sometimes it’s more typical – sunsets, nature, or a beautiful movie. I kind of see everything in dresses – every scenario or thing can be turned into a dress!
Your collections are manufactured in Vancouver…How important is it to you to keep your manufacturing in Canada?
It’s important in that it allows me to do small runs and keep an eye on the quality. I would like to keep it here but I’m aware I may need to go abroad for other types of manufacturing – like knitwear or for prints.
What has been your most rewarding experience since starting your label in 2011?
It’s fun seeing celebrities wear my pieces on TV or in magazines. Marisa Tomei wore a look to a screening in LA and Nikki Reed performed in a look on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. I also love the moments when I get something back from production – to see an idea fully formed is always rewarding.
What’s next for you?
I’m designing fall/winter 2015 at the moment and I’m really hoping to break into knitwear. Big chunky, cosy sweaters are what I live in so I’d really like to add that to my collections.
Photography | Tanya Goehring
Photography Assistant | Raymond Fryer
Set Design & Concept | Nariman Jay
Makeup/Hair | Oz Zandiyeh
Models | Elizabeth & Tyg @ Liz Bell Agency