Kastor & Pollux by Monica Moraru


After attending KPSQUAD on Thursday evening, a celebration of the release of Kastor & Pollux‘s 25-piece Fall/Winter 2014 clothing and jewellery collection, it seems perfectly fitting to feature the Toronto-based duo behind the brand. Inspired by the surreal dreamscapes of David Lynch and the dystopia of suburbia, photographer & visual artist Monica Moraru (who we’ve had the pleasure to meet!) photographed Bianca Venerayan and Dani Roche of K&P in a home where the older owners have kept its 70s decor completely intact and as mesmerizing as ever. Along with ourselves, Monica, a huge Twin Peaks fan, was welcomed with a great and serendipitous surprise that these photos were taken right before the news that a new Twin Peaks season was released! Assisted by Olivia Genovese.
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Bianca & Dani wear Kastor & Pollux Fw14 & Cameo the Label