A Chat With Blogger Phosphenes

Juule Kay has sweet strawberry red hair, a delicate porcelain completion, and an effortless style that merges casual with chic. This, mixed with a dreamers bug for travelling and the written word, and you have yourself a delightful blogger under the name of Phosphenes. Often adorned in clean pastels her looks are balanced with dark accents and detailing that give her fresh style a feeling of modern nonchalance. Inspiring for the every day look we find ourselves totally in love with Phosphenes and envy Juule’s ability to style the sweetest of outfits.


Tell us about Juule Kay! We’d love to know about the face behind Phosphenes.

I am Juule Kay, a 20 year old moonchild and daydreamer from Germany who’s currently living in Vienna. I was always into creative work and art and wanted to study communication design in Berlin but things changed and I rushed headlong into moving to Vienna to study a kind of communications and journalismBild001

What is it about the fashion world that you’re drawn to?

I really love the fact that talent and ambition can bring you everywhere. The comings and goings of trends is one part of fashion but the most interesting thing for me, is all the amazing people with their unique creativity that inspires in such a special way. I am pretty much into streetstyle – Strangers on the streets with such a personal and unique style and this special charisma inspires me a lot. Blogging made fashion more personal, you can relate more and be inspired by real people around the world, like you and me.

Bild002 Why did you begin fashion blogging?

I started my blog about three years ago. At this time I started to get more and more interested in fashion and all that stuff related to – I read so much magazines, books and blogs and wanted to show a part of my personality through the clothes I wore. One day, a friend of mine asked me why I do not start a blog on my own and I just wondered ” Yeah, why not?” – I wanted to inspire people as much as people inspired me, so I began posting for myself and never thought that it would start spreading. Bild003

What are your other loves in your life?

My family and a hand full of my best friends cause the best things in life aren’t things but the special feeling of being happy whether it’s the feeling you have being with a special person or a jam jar full of unique memories.

Bild004 How would you describe your style?

It’s always difficult to describe one’s personal style but my dressing always depends on my mood. In summer I am really girlish and love to wear pastel colors cause it always reminds me of ice-cream and a salty summer breeze. I would say my style developed a lot the last year – It was really festival inspired but it starts to become more and more clean and chic (perhaps I am getting grown up now – just kidding you should never lose your childish heart). Bild011

We’d love to know where you shop! Any little hidden gems you could recommend us to get beautiful clothes from?

I love these sundays in bed, eating carrot cake, lying in bed all day, blogging and do some online shopping. I am more into online shopping than going to a shop. It’s not the fact that I am lazy or anything but I like to try them on at home it’s a totally different atmosphere than in a fitting room in a shop. I can listen to my favorite music while trying on some chosen clothes. I am a huge fan of &otherstories, WEEKDAY and little independent labels like the london based brand The White Pepper.

Bild050 IMG_1200dass You’re currently residing in Vienna but have a love for travelling. What are your next travelling plans?

I am sitting in the train to Helsinki right now. I am half Finnish and wanted to take a little time out from all the stress at home. After that, I am heading to Amsterdam, then to Hamburg for a little festival called “Dockville” and perhaps I am going to Copenhagen and Stockholm, too. I am a huge fan of travelling… I never feel homesick but wanderlust!

pastel017 What fashion icons/bloggers are you inspired by? 

I am a huge fan of FancyPants and Amy (the girl behind the blog). She’s such a unique and lovely girl and on top a great photographer! I do not have any icons only people, places and other stuff that inspires me. It can be a sort of architecture, an exhibition, even the feeling of a city like Paris or London. I am always driven by my emotions.

What’s a day in a life for a blogger?

All lot of people do not think that it’s a lot of work writing a blog but believe me, it is. I am always trying to do the work on a few days in the week. First of all – a blogger always has his or her camera with her – if I do some personal styling shots, I put together different outfits, search for a suitable location, make a grab for my room mate alias my photographer and after several changing clothes sessions the first part is over. After that I am editing and selecting the photos plus writing the post. Mails checking is also a big part. The most interesting one is getting inspired by stepping outside, breathing in and out and start discovering and being inspired by all the people, places and emotions surounded by me. pastel019

What do you dream for the future?

Living a healthy and happy life surrounded by people I love, travelling as much as possible to see so much more places and hopefully living in a lot of different cities, including Paris and London.