We’re not Bothered by Paola Vivas

Inspired by ennui – the feeling you get during long, grey summer holidays when there is no incentive to go outside – photographer Paola Vivas and stylist Rhona Ezuma set out to create an AW14 story that embodied the state of boredom with a strong sense of expressing youthful vitality when caught in it.
“For the styling I was inspired by some of my favourite 90s blasé teen heroines – girls who are culprit to replying ‘whatever’ in any situation, rolling their eyes up to the heavens and also wearing too much eyeliner.  It then became about imagining them in all those situations that bore them: alone at home with your pet cat as your only companion, reading piles upon piles of books, working the endless shift at the summer job.” says Ezuma. “Paola really brought out the feistiness in [the models] in these situations, but also a softness, showing that behind their stern face these girls just want to have fun!” Hair and makeup by Sara Exall, models Anna Keen @Milk Management and Katie.
Look 2 - Paola Vivas- Old Tat- Brat Girl-33-2
Anna wears T-shirt | DIESEL , Waistcoat | BEYOND RETRO, Leather jacket | 2ND DAY, Maxi skirt and skater skirt | KITTY JOSEPH
Look 3a -Paola Vivas- Old Tat- Brat Girl-15-2
Look 2-Paola Vivas- Old Tat- Brat Girl-32-2
Look 1-Paola Vivas- Old Tat- Brat Girl-4-2
Anna wears long sleeve knit body | CLIO PEPPIATTI, Jeans | 4GU, Socks & Shoes | GUDRUN SIGNICA
Paola Vivas- Old Tat- Brat Girl-24-2
Anna wears Top | CLIO PEPPIATTI, Shorts | BEYOND RETRO
Look 3 - Paola Vivas- Old Tat- Brat Girl-21-2
Katie wears Inner jacket | SOMEDAYS LOVIN, Outer jacket | DIESEL, Dress | BIMBA & LOLA
Look 3-  Paola Vivas- Old Tat- Brat Girl-16-2 Look 4-Paola Vivas- Old Tat- Brat Girl-26-2
Anna wears Hat, polo top and shorts | BEYOND RETRO
Look 2 -Paola Vivas- Old Tat- Brat Girl-11-2
Look 6 - Paola Vivas- Old Tat- Brat Girl-30-2
Katie wears shirt and dungarees | BEYOND RETRO, Crop t-shirt | LAZY OAF
Look 5 -Paola Vivas- Old Tat- Brat Girl-18-2
Katie wears tie dye shirt | BEYOND RETRO, Jacket | CHEAP MONDAY
Look 1 -Paola Vivas- Old Tat- Brat Girl-3-2