Earth Girl by Hollie Fernando

With a pinch of woodland fairy and a dash of otherworldly hippie, Earth Girl by South London photographer Hollie Fernando is our idea of the perfect summer escape. [Stylist Cassie Walker] “and I wanted to get back to nature with this shoot after spending a lot of time in the city, so I chose to shoot in the countryside places that I used to run wild in through my teens when I first picked up a camera. It was great to go back to locations I knew from all those years ago and shoot them with fresh eyes. It was a beautiful day out and Geo (who is new to London) didn’t bat an eye lid when I made her climb trees and wade through rivers to get to next locations – she was such a trooper.” Makeup by Kaz Fernando.  Model is Geo @ Models 1.
Dress by Mia Anderson, scarf stylist’s own
Dress by Beyond Retro, flower neck piece by Mia Anderson
Leotard by Krasimira Ivanova Stoyneva, necklace by The Stone Age, Glastonbury, scarf worn as skirt stylist’s own
Top by Beyond Retro, skirt by Mia Anderson and leggings by Krasimira Ivanova Stoyneva, rings stylist’s own

“We had a lunch break in the sun, nestled in the tall reeds on this hidden river bank I found last summer from previous exploring and it felt like we were in another country. We all came back shattered but with massive smiles on our faces feeling refreshed from our little getaway from the city, and that was the aim.”

GEO_14 GEO_14ret copy GEO_15
Top by American Apparel, skirt by Krasimira Ivanova Stoyneva, back pack by Cassandra Verity Green
Dress by Frances O’Leary