‘Juicy Illusion’ AW 14/15 by Dagda

Dagda is forever parting from the mundane and monotonous of the fashion realm. When we walk through their aberrant path we always find it’s one filled with the most wild designs that are completely left of center from the normal, and it’s exactly why we love Dagda. Fashioned with a hairstyle strongly reminiscent of Cindy Lou Who the collection plays against a palette vibrant colours and is patched in assortment of picture cuttings; creating a campaign that fits into this wild world of Dagda. The designs formed in layers of soft mustard yellow and green faux furs and leathers are what we would deem essential to a winter wardrobe for we all need a bit of fun and quirkiness in our lives.

“With our AW 14/15 collection “Juicy illusion” we wanted to tell a story of emotional growth and identity acknowledgement, representing a kindred spirit that wanders through the tangled maze of his own dimension, a place of mesmerizing landscapes, inhabited by paradoxical creatures of wonder, slimy substances toa taste, bugs, and poisoned mushrooms, that represent the non-sense impositions of society, from which our wandering spirit is trying hard to escape, alienating itself in an amusing yet grotesque land of dreamlike experiences.

Refined materials like mohair and sand-washed silk that cherish the female body, counteract with the audacity of bold materials such as turquoise faux-fur and metallic leather, creating unexpected contrasts with color-blocking. Flared silhouettes with narrow waist create a hourglass shape, enriched by golden holographic applications, that along with the electric blue shoes add a 60’s feeling to it, everything matched with metallic leather pussy cat collars adorned with precious charms, which recall the creatures that populate this artificial dimension of wonder. Statement faux-fur outerwear gives an impact when cleverly intersected with latex inserts, or matched with metallic patterned fabrics, worthy of other-dimension royalty.”

Model // Maxine Anastasia
Photography // Eleanor Hardwick
Collage // Ben Giles
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