Two’s Company by Tom Martin


Wearing all vintage pieces, Tom Martin photographs Aidan & Bud @ Nemesis Agency trapped in time. With a sense of melancholy and nostalgia in the editorial, Two’s Company is more about telling a tale through the photography and the mood.”The story was shot on location in my neighbour Terry’s apartment.  Terry is in his late 80s and lived alone his entire life apart from his pet Macaw Max he had for 14 years. The underlying theme of the shoot is that of loneliness, how loneliness can still be felt even with someone at your side. I think the twins give the shoot a little eeriness which is something we didn’t intend on but we feel works in the finished story.”
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Styling & Art Direction | Francesca Aimee
Grooming | Loupye
All shoes and clothing by Ryan’s Vintage, Leeds