Exclusive with Pretty Dresses in The Laundry

Sweetly casting her irresistible charm upon the viewer, Kate Nutting, fashion blogger under the name of Pretty Dresses in The Laundry, has created a mass of adoring fans. Feeling honored and oh so lucky that we met and spent a day frolicking in the flower gardens, chatting lovely things and styling a few snaps with this beautiful lady who happens to reside where one half of Zeum is based in sunny Brisbane, Australia, Kate spoke to us of her journey to fashion blogger which blossomed on a whim and over the course of a week had transformed into a passion she was hooked on. From outfits splashed in vibrant tones and cute accessories; to overalls and those jelly shoes we’ve all come to love; and to layered pieces oozing an elegant vibe, Kate describes her style as forever evolving and changing which makes her all the more wonderful. “It can be immature one day, preppy the next, minimalistic and then grungy. I really can’t pin point it. At the moment, it’s involving lots of layers, but next week, who knows!” We have nothing but complete admiration for Pretty Dresses in The Laundry for her style remains true to her personality; sweet, kind and fun! If you’re looking for a blogger who can create drool worthy outfits then look no further..

Photography // Ingela Furustig
Model & Stylist // Kate Nutting @Pretty Dresses in The Laundry
Makeup// Emma McCarthy @The Cruelty Free Makeup Artist

zeum_R4A2515 as Smart Object-2Dress & earrings l OASAP, Shoes l Torakina Daze

zeum_R4A2318 as Smart Object-1Dress l OSAP

zeum_R4A2764 as Smart Object-2Dress l Vivi Star, Shoes l Torakina Daze, Necklace l Colette by Colette Hayman

zeum_R4A2630 as Smart Object-1Dress l DRMERS, Necklace l Colette by Colette Hayman, Earrings l OSAP

zeum_R4A2554 as Smart Object-1 zeum_R4A2480 as Smart Object-1 zeum_R4A2350 as Smart Object-1Dress l Casper and Pearl

zeum_R4A2756 as Smart Object-1 zeum_R4A2671 as Smart Object-1Dress l Romance Was Born, Shoes l Torakina Daze, Necklace l Colette by Colette Hayman

zeum_R4A2372 as Smart Object-1 zeum_R4A2578 as Smart Object-7