Shades of Summer by Ester Keate

25-year-old UK based photographer Ester Keate shoots with one of Zeum’s favourite faces Alice Viner for Shades of Summer. Surprisingly taken on a gloomy London day, these bold colourful shots are exploding with sunshine and life. “We shot at Spring Studios using natural light (during a thunder storm which made it a bit more exciting and difficult!) I love shooting natural light, I think that it just does something magical when it hits skin! These were shot on a very slow shutter speed, because of how dim the light during the thunder storm was. It was a very last minute shoot and I found a makeup and model who I had wanted to work with because I think she has a really beautiful face… and it all just fell together perfectly…”

Hair and Makeup | Ploy Hassan
Shot 2_173_RT_LW
Top | Monki
Shot 4_293_RT_LW
Dress | Vintage
Shot 4_352_RT_LW
Top | American Apparel
Shot 3_182_RT_LW
Top | Costa Blanca
Top | Mango
Shot 3_256_RT_LW Shot 5_373_RT_LW
Top | Vila