A talk with stylist Jade Neale

Jade Neale is a girl of many traits. 22 years old and from Yorkshire in the UK, she states she’s a really relaxed person apart from when it comes to her work. “If I’m working on creating a shoot I stay up messing around with things, sewing on trains for something last minute [or] generally feeling sick because I’m so excited to get going on it. I look at images constantly, and if I start a moodboard at 1am I’ll stay up and finish it because I just cant stop myself.” Generally, young girls inspire her, growing up, their attitudes and the things they rebel and obsess about. Below you can find our chat with the all around creative!

Hi Jade! Tell us a bit about yourself as a person and as a Stylist and Creative Director. I graduated last year from the styling & image making course at Salford University where since leaving I’ve been focusing on my styling a lot more and trying to keep my portfolio fresh. I’m going travelling [soon], so I’d like to work with [new] people while im out of the UK.
Your dream shoot? My dream shoot would be with Juergen Teller, I love the way he shoots. Or Corinne Day if I could go back to the past. They both are too amazing and quite typical for me to choose. Relaxed but slightly awkward, lots of amazing pieces, a really freckly girl maybe, anything even slightly along these lines would be a dream.


You often work with photographer Megan Byne and the two of you always seem to produce dynamite work. Would you consider her your partner in crime? Yes, definitely. I would in many ways – when we work together we seem to piece together everything we want from an image and character, although the way we think is very different. We understand what we both want because we are such good friends. It’s always so fun on our shoots, One Direction [plays] in the background and [we keep] each other going, popping food into one another’s mouths. We work on a visual blog named Hunn at the moment, it has its own instagram account where we upload all sorts of things we find inspiring and draw on them using apps. We are going to evolve Hunn, but it’s basically our moods inspirations and anything we discover on there at the moment.
Tell us about your personal style! If you had an unlimited budget and could splurge on any designers for your own wardrobe, who would they be? I like fun, big shapes, textures and lots of amazing colours – not in a frumpy style, though it has to look slightly hot without trying! Miu Miu, Simone Rocha, Christopher Kane, Marques Almeida, Céline, Meadham Kirchhoff, Ashley Williams – these would all be welcomed into my imaginary wardrobe. L o v e.
You recently worked with highly admired Audrey Grace Boutique. As we and our readers are fans of the brand, tell us about your experience with the collaborative shoot! It was more taking in consideration the style of the brand and making it into a shoot with our own style incorporated. We then got sent some amazing pieces which we created a shoot inspired by the cow girl thing that’s been popping into the fall 14 shows. We are just creating an edit but im really excited by this shoot, Anne the model is amazing, the clothes looked great on her although it wasn’t hard to make the clothes look fab.


What do you believe the future of fashion will be?
What are some of your favourite hang out spots in London? To be honest I don’t really go to London a lot due to work at the moment so if I am there I’m hanging out at Victoria Station after going down for the day to shoot. But when I interned I lived in Brixton for a few month and that was pretty crazy, lots of colourful characters around.
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Last but not least, who would you love to see interviewed by Zeum? Any new young people to the industry really, I think it’s really important to support each other. So many people hear about all the great work out there, it’s really nice to see styles blossom from the start. We 100% agree.