Dasha Love

25-year-old photographer Dasha Love has been a long time Zeum favourite. Her personal style evidently reflects in her work, resulting in a collection of portraits of spirited girls who have a subtle hint of girly-girl and radiate that common phrase ‘calm, cool and collected’. Originally from Moscow, Dasha is now taking London by storm, shooting & modelling for publications such as Vice, Dazed, and Elle Girl Japan, and working on launching a new magazine Cheap TricksZeum chats with the artist about what we can all expect from her next.

Hi Dasha! Tell us a bit about yourself as a person and as an artist. I’ve lived in the UK since I was a teenager. I like to hang out and meet people that inspire me. I love to photograph portraits and landscapes, and I really like to use vintage clothing and skate brands for the shoots that I do. I do some modelling jobs too, and feel very lucky to have had a chance to learn and observe super creative professionals work. The first ever shoot I did were for SuperSuper magazine and Vice US.


Why analogue? I feel that all digital photos, unless taken in bright beautiful day light need retouching to a certain degree, and I don’t like that. I don’t like to edit pictures, because to me photography is about documenting something that is actually happening, not adding a different vibe and mood to it in photoshop. I really like how photography is a craft, I do my super colourful photos manually like that without the computer.


Skate culture is apparent in both your editorial and personal work. Could you tell us a bit about your connection to this and its inclusion in your work? I really like skate culture and lifestyle and it very much inspires me . It’s not really just about the skateboarding.

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You have shot for some pretty impressive publications such as I ❤ Fake, Dazed and Confused and Elle Korea. How do you find a happy balance between editorial work and personal work? Elle Korea wrote a piece about the Ardorous art collective, I work more with Elle Girl Japan. I try to make with rare exeptions all my shoots work for me, so I often work with friends as models and people that I really like. I’m starting a magazine now because I want to work with like minded people exclusively. It’s called Cheap Tricks- I’m working on it with Britta Burger and we are collaborating with Globe on this project.


The song you have on repeat at the moment? I listen to Growlers and Tame Impala a lot.

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Have you ever found yourself being photographically inspired by music or a particular song? Many times. Ariel Pink.


Your personal body of work ‘Tatyna’ is one of our favourites for its honest and natural portraits. Could you tell us a bit more about this particular series of images? Thank you, I just took pictures of this girl who was a friend of a friend, Tatyana. It was a lot of fun, it took some effort to make a spectrum that big.


Your idea of a perfect day? I am very fond of nature these days, so going to a national park on a sunny day would be a cool day.


This year you want to accomplish with your photography… I have a lot of plans, I’m looking forward to making the first issue of Cheap Tricks, have an art show and travel.