Hold On by Ellen Brockbank

We’re adoring all aspects of ‘Hold On’ by Ellen Brockbank, from model Gemma Capocci’s wisps of pale blonde hair; to the quirky styling comprising of homely slipper, socks and heels, and vibrant purple sunglasses; and to its sickly slime green backdrop found at an abandoned building. Ellen’s work is heavily inspired by the 90’s and the grunge era which has seen her delve into a project series of photographic work based on trouble youths with underlying concepts such as poverty and loneliness. “I also street cast my own models as I find real girls more interesting to work with as it creates a beautiful awkwardness in the images. Hold On is based around the idea of holding on to items from your childhood where I have paired child-like items with more tailored black clothing.”

Photography & styling // Ellen Brockbank
Model // Gemma Capocci

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Designers included are Cheap Monday, Joyrich, Pretty Little Thing.