Interview with Tamara Lichtenstein

Creating imagery that exudes an irresistible fluidity, tenderness and rawness, 24 year old Houston based photographer Tamara Lichtenstein awakens the wanderlust inside us all. Tamara’s work is unmistakable from its soft and dreamy analogue colours, to its carefree and wild model posing, to Tamara’s location choice –  models are often captured basking in the open spaces of the wilderness, and when they’re not Tamara captures them in homely spaces allowing the viewer to indulge in tender moments. She makes us feel like we ought to grab our loose fitted dresses and take an endless drive into the sunset to allow ourselves to explore the world, dance in moonlight, and let our limbs to bathe in sunlight. Like no other, Tamara inspires a wanderlust through her golden sun-drenched images and we love her for that.
tumblr_mybdreXbRu1qzfza5o1_1280 Who is Tamara Lichtestein? We’d love to know about you!
 I day dream all day, I laugh most of the day, and I’m always worried pretty much all day about anything and everything. I don’t know how to describe myself, but I guess that sums it up.

tumblr_mum7flapgH1qzfza5o1_1280How would you describe your aesthetic?
Well, I always say I’m inspired my femininity, youth, and fashion. Lately, it has been really important to just work with people who I have a connection with. The model is what inspires me most of the time. My aesthetic is like a dream in my head that I just create in real life for you guys to see.

You capture such fluid movements from your models. How do you go about creating a comfortable environment for your models to pose?
Well I always make sure the model is comfortable in what they’re wearing and where they are before we start shooting. That’s why I usually like shooting in someone’s home, or somewhere beautiful where anyone can feel comfortable.
zeeummm When did you realize you were utterly in love with photography?
A long time ago! I got my first camera when I was 12, and it has been the only hobby I really enjoy. It is almost like therapy for me. It keeps me sane.
What’s inspires you creatively and personally?
I always feel really antsy to shoot whenever I’m really sad, or really happy. I get a rush of emotions and along with that comes ideas. Also, shooting with someone that has lots of ideas for us to collaborate with is super inspiring too.
tumblr_n0se40x1xU1qzfza5o1_1280What mood do you aim to translate through your work?
I’m not sure actually, the kind of mood that makes you feel anything at all.
In terms of location do you prefer to shoot outside or inside?

I love both. It just depends on my mood, or what opportunities I have in front of me.
Your images are full of vastly different surroundings from deserts to forests and even the big city. Are you a traveler?
I travel whenever I can. I take weekend trips all the time to surrounding cities in Texas like Austin and Galveston though. I really hope to go to Thailand, and Australia one day!
tumblr_mqiw5guX7l1qzfza5o1_1280Besides photography what are your other passions or hidden talents?

I love dancing and singing! I dance while I’m cleaning, and I sing while I’m driving. No one will ever catch me though ;).

What do you dream your future will be like?
I just want love and happiness in my future. I’m a strong believer in doing what you love and everything will fall into place.