New Faces by Lina Zangers

Kiki, Iris, & Wilanka are some of the newest stunners to sign with Via Modelmanagement in Germany. Referring to them as ‘raw diamonds’, photographer Lina Zangers spends the day with the three lovely faces from the agency, capturing their unique features and quirks in a series she calls Pastel Backyards. “I shot the girls in cologne where they had their first sedcard pictures taken for Via. Laura, the booker of the agency, asked me if I would like to capture her new raw diamonds, so I came by really spontaneous. I took the girls and went outside in the back parking lot behind the studio and there came out some great results.” Styling by Kiki Willems, makeup by Sarah Schwickart.

Kiki / Iris
Wilanka / Kiki
Kiki / Iris
left Kiki / right Wilanka