A talk with Cleo Glover

We love Cleo Glover‘s ability to capture her subjects in a raw and honest light. In the briefest encounters they come across as being her muses – people she’s known and photographed for years. Catching our attention with her recent shoot of Madison @ SUPA, we talk with the 23-year-old London based photographer about this particular shoot, internships, music and what’s in store for 2014.

“Madison was one of the first new faces that I shot from SUPA Models agency and I was very intrigued by her interesting features when I was sent over her polaroids before the shoot. She is a very sweet and confident girl and I think it was quite an instant feeling for me that the shoot would be successful and together we would create some strong work. I wanted her to feel comfortable and this is something I pride myself in with working with younger models as the industry can be quite daunting at first. The whole thing just came really naturally to us both and I think we bounced off one another’s energy.”
Hi Cleo! Tell us a bit about yourself as a person and as an artist. I’ve been taking photos in a conscious way since I was about 17. Back then I still lived at home with my parents in a small town. I spent a lot of my time watching films and looking through magazines. My vision of how I’ve wanted  it to look has changed since then but not too drastically. I like capturing beauty- I often try to find it and make it beautiful even when its not there I think. My work is definitely rose tinted but I think that’s why people enjoy it, it’s an escape of some form, at least it is for me.
Your subjects are captured in a truly captivating honest and natural way. Do you normally work with a team to create your work or do you prefer quiet moments between photographer and model? 
I prefer the quiet moments I think, I have still not had too much experience in working with large teams in my own work, it’s something I want to start playing around with. I think sometimes other peoples’ creative input can really move a shoot forward, but at other times it can really hinder the outcome, if you have a strong vision I think it can be hard to accept other peoples’ and you end up losing your way.
MC-24 MC-23
Photographers you admire or believe are creating really great things at the moment? 
Recently I’ve been really into Petra Collins’ work; I have been aware of her for sometime but lately I’ve really found a lot of inspiration behind it. I also love Dakota Gordon‘s work at the moment, her use of colour is always bang on.
The song you currently have on repeat? 
I really go in waves with obsessing over songs, sometimes it lasts for months, other times I just play it over and over again in a day. I really love ‘You’re Not the One‘ by Sky Ferreira right now and also ‘I’m The Man That Will Find You‘ by Connan Mockasin.
Do you ever find yourself photographically inspired by a certain song or lyric? 
Yeah this happened last year actually with the track ‘Hours‘ by Beach House. I ended up naming one of my projects after it because somehow my work sounded like the song should look. Well, the song summed up the photographs. I don’t know, it’s so hard to explain how a song inspires you- it’s like it’s pushing you forwards and you see things in the music that reflect in your work.
Why analogue? 
For me it’s so much more personal to work using film. I feel you somehow have a stronger connection with what you shoot because you know you can’t just delete it afterwards, it really makes you think. I like the idea that negatives collect pieces of light and store them- that’s so cool. I think I like the process of choosing the film as well and how it can impact your photos through the limitations- colours for me are so much better with film.
You intern at
BoysbyGirls Magazine, as well as assist Stephanie Sian Smith. Can you tell us a bit about your roles as both an intern for Stephanie? How do you think working in these environments has shaped your own work? 
I’ve been working as Stephanie’s assistant for over two years now and I can honestly say it’s been one of the best things to ever happen to me. She’s such a breath of fresh air in an industry that can sometimes come across as being quite high stress and intimidating. Through assisting her I’ve seen how much time and devotion goes into being a photographer and how to deal with situations through her eyes – giving me an insight into what lies ahead hopefully in my own career. I’m really lucky, I’ve been on some insane shoots and learnt so much from her.
What do you love most about test shoots with fresh models?
Any new faces you’re dying to work with? I love the fact that often they are so new to the industry and it’s all a new experience to them and that’s so cool to be a part of their journey. I’ve shot a couple of models that were a little nervous and unaware of their amazing beauty, and I’ve already seen them grow into these amazing models. There are so many new faces I would like to shoot- whenever I get sent a package I often just want to shoot all of them! I’ve seen some pretty amazing faces over on American boards; I’d love to work with Teresa Oman and Binx Walton, I could name so many more!

What can we expect from you photographically this year? This year I really want to start expanding my contacts and start working with new people. I also want to make the effort to spend some more time on personal work, documenting my friends and my life. I have neglected that area of my work the last few months I think. Im excited- I feel I’ve got loads to look forward to!