Last Night by Claudia Kershaw-Rae

Claudia Kershaw-Rae‘s work has stolen our hearts. A 22-year-old UK photographer, she is currently in her third year at Salford University studying fashion styling and Image-Making. “I studied fashion design from a young age but first became interested in photography when I came across the work of Mark Borthwick whilst studying Art and Design at college. His dreamy, whimsical images inspired me to tell my own stories through fashion photography, and I’ve never looked back. I believe in finding the positives in any given situation. My work is about finding hope and creativity in our day to day lives, and submersing yourself in simple luxuries.”

Her latest dreamy editorial Last Night, in particular, is about reminiscing on a time that felt incomparable, even if it may have been the last, it’s about soaking up every special second of a certain time. Styling, photography, and art direction all by Claudia using vintage or items of her own.
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